Aussie Miracle 'Aussome Volume' Dry Shampoo

I've never been a lover of dry shampoo, on second day (or sometimes third day) hair I usually either just put my hair in a ponytail or a bun and just wash it that night and one thing that has put me off them is the smell. But when I got given this one by Aussie as part of my goodie bag from Heat I had to give it a go and I can say I love this one and will definietly be repurchasing! 

The scent is not the lovliest of scents but its the most bareable smelling dry shampoo I have tried. I have got the one which is for 'aussome volume' but there are also two others in the Aussie dry shampoo collection; colour mate for coloured hair and mega instant for normal to greasy hair.

What I like about it? It's a light weight dry shampoo which means it doesn't leave me frantically brushing through my hair trying to get rid of the white marks. It gives a nice amount of volume and texture which is definietly needed as my hair can look a little bit flat especially when I have second day hair. I have also found that some dry shampoos can make your hair feel even more greasy but this one makes your hair feel fresh and more manageable.

Need more volume, short of time and looking for a dry shampoo? I would definietly recommend giving this one a go!

Lauren x


  1. Aussie has to be one of my favourite brands but I haven't tried the dry shampoo before, despite it being a necessary daily staple for me- I love it for volume and backcombing xxx

  2. I always have to wash my hair every day, I've never found a dry shampoo that lasts long enough! I'll try this one! Thanks for the review :)




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