Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Set

Hands up of you love soap and glory products? *hand up* - yep me too and when I saw they were going to have an offer at Boots for this entire set for £29 (usually £60*), it went straight on my Christmas list and on Christmas morning it was one of the presents I found under the tree and I was very happy! 

It includes 10 full size products available in two different limited edition boxes designed by Hattie Stewart - a London based fashion doodler! 

Products include:






I think it was such a lovely gift especially for someone who loves soap and glory! I have never tried any of the products that are available in the box so I'm looking forward to trying everything inside! It was an offer which was on for one week only but I have still seen some in the past few days since Christmas so make sure you check your local Boots (or maybe online!) before they are completely gone!

Also I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Did you find The Next Big Thing under your tree or did you pick one up as a gift for someone or yourself?

Lauren x


My Top 3 Winter Lipsticks

No matter how you are feeling, putting on a bit of lippy will instantly make you feel better and today's post focuses on my favourite winter lip colours. I love lipsticks - I much prefer them to lipglosses to be honest -  but although I love make-up, I don't actually own that many lipsticks, probably only around 10 (that may be a lot to some people though!).

For winter, like many girls, I prefer to wear a dark lip and Rimmel Kate 107 is the perfect one! If you haven't already heard of this lipstick on a blog or a beauty YouTube channel then where have you been?! I first saw this lipstick on Zoella's channel and blog where she was talking about her monthly favourites (maybe around a year or so ago) and I instantly feel in love with it. Its a beautiful deep berry toned purple. Its long-wearing and very pigmented and is a perfect colour for the colder months.

Next is a a lippy for Topshop. This was the first ever purchase I made for Topshop's beauty collection (I know?) and I can say, although this is the only lipstick I have from Topshop, I know that I would love all of their lipsticks (Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of their nail polishes though) so I trip to Topshop in the January sales in definitely happening! This a lovely red shade and is very pigmented. With Christmas in just 3 days!!, I will probably be wearing this a lot over the next week or so!

Lasting is a new favourite that I purchasing just this week. Its Maybelline Color Sensational in Hollywood Red. I went into Superdrug for a new face wash and ended up walking out with some false eyelashes, a mascara, this lipstick and yep, you guessed it - no face wash! Hollywood Red is a actually not very red toned despite being called 'Hollywood Red'. I would say its a very light berry toned pink and I absolutely adore the colour when its applied. Its very moisturizing and is long-wearing.

What are your favourite lipsticks for the winter season?

Lauren x



NOTW: Black Plum Glitter

Jumper: Primark
Barry M Nightshade and Barry M Rockstar
We are officially in single digits for the number of days until Christmas; 9 days! Yes, NINE! How fast has this year gone! So what better way to celebrate that Christmas is just over a week away then with a glitter nail look. I have to admit that I am not really a glitter nail polish fan. I find it really difficult to apply and not to mention, a pain to take off of nails but as it is Christmas I do like to add a bit of a sparkle to my nails and as a huge fan of Barry M, I picked up this glitter nail polish in Rockstar a few weeks back. It was surprisingly really easy to apply and I added it over the top of another new nail polish I have bought from Barry M; Nightshade.
I really love this nail look and it will most definitely be gracing my nails over the festive season.

Have you got a favourite nail look you will be wearing over the festive season?

Lauren x


Good Things 5-Minute Facial Mask

Blogging hasn't been going very well for the month of December for me has it?! I have been very busy in the last few weeks so I apologise for the lack of posts! I have really wanted to do some outfit posts but with the lack of time combined with daylight being fairly non-existent past about 3pm, it has been difficult but I am aiming to do some very soon!

Today's post is about a skincare product I have been loving over the past few weeks and its a face mask which I featured 2 weeks ago - in my November faves post! Its one that I picked up on a spontaneous shopping trip at the beginning of November in TK Maxx (which I think is the British version of TJ Maxx but correct me if I'm wrong!). Its a mask which I use once to twice a week or just when my skin needs a pick-me-up which has been very regular lately as its been breaking out really bad but I have just been taking extra care of it and making sure to take my make-up off before bed (or just when I get home from being out or just skipping make-up altogether - which is not something I mind if I'm having a good skin day but not a very nice feeling when you have acne and breakouts), just trying to drink more water (which is not a chore for me as I actually prefer water to juices or squashes) and trying to eat better - which is difficult enough especially around Christmas time ha! Hopefully at least trying to do these things will help my skin though!. Enough rambling and back to the face mask...

Its scent is avocado and goji berry and let me tell you - its smells lovely! The consistency is pretty light and its a five minute mask so once applied all over the skin it sets in a few minutes and then you can wipe it off using a wet flannel or towel and its leaves the skin feeling soft and not tight or greasy. It also doesn't irritate the skin so I would say it was pretty good for anyone with sensitive skin (although don't hold me to this!) I have tried a few other masks before but I can say that this one is my favourite as its smells nice, its quick and easy to apply and is not irritable on the skin!

Whats your favourite face mask or skincare products through the colder months?

Lauren x


The Christmas Tag!

Its almost Christmas! I am so excited, I love the festive season! With only 22 DAYS until the big day, I thought I would do a christmassy style post today and what better than The Christmas Tag! I found a few different questions on different blogs so I have just mixed a few questions that I liked for each and am answering them! Hope you enjoy!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I have so many but my favourite would have to be The Polar Express! I watch it every Christmas Eve with my family! I am really shocked when people say they haven't seen or even heard of this film! Its so cute and really festive! If you havent seen it, then I really recommend it! I know you will love it! My other favourites include Disney's A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone and of course Elf!

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Yes I have! I think it was about 5/6 years ago though! I love snow and pray that it will snow on Christmas Day every year as it would be amazing but it never does! It always seems to snow in January instead!

3. Where do you usually spend Christmas?

With my family at my family home in the morning and afternoon then we spend the evening at my aunt and uncles house for food, fun and music!

4. What is your favourite Christmas song?

I have loads! I love listening to Christmas music! My faves though are Merry Christmas Everybody by Shakin' Stevens, I wish it could be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard and Merry Christmas by Slade and of course Do they know its Christmas by Band Aid!

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

We may open one but we open most from my Mum and Dad on Christmas Day morning and when we visit my aunt and uncles in the evening we get the ones from them and my Nan then :)

6. Can you name all of Santa's Reindeer?

Rudolf, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid... No!

7. What holidays traditions are you most looking forward to this year?

Going to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park! I went last year with my mum, dad and my sister and loved it! Its so pretty and really christmassy! We also take a walk through Oxford Street and Regent Street to look at the Christmas lights!

8. What is your all-time favourite holiday food/treat?

Does a roast dinner count? My Mum cooks one for us on Christmas Day, yum! As for a treat, I have to say a box of Celebrations or Heroes! We all dig into a tin over Christmas Eve, Christnas Day and Boxing Day!

9. Do you like mince pies?

Oh yes, love them! I had my first one in September this year!

10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving them better?

I love both! I love going out shopping to buy everyone's presents and look forward to giving them to them but I love to get them too.

11. What would be your dream favourite place to visit over the festive season?

New York!!

12. What are your favourite holiday colours?

Red and Gold! Very traditional.

13. Are you a pro at present wrapping or do you fail miserably?

I am actually pretty good at wrapping, I wouldn't say amazing but I don't fail at it!

I loved this tag and I tag anyone who is reading this post to do it! Let me know if you have a go at it by letting me know in the comments below or by tweeting me @laurenmwelch :) I'd love to read your answers!

Lauren x
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