A/W New Look Wishlist

Hands up if you prefer A/W trends to trends in Spring and Summer? *raises both hands* 

Me too! 

Today I'm back with a wishlist of some my current pieces from one of my favourite high street retailers - New Look! I really love the typical autumnal shades such as wine burgundy and burnt rust and really want to incorporate more of these shades into my wardrobe for the upcoming months. In terms of textures, I love faux leather/fur, suede, dark denim and knit.

- Faux fur gilet
- Faux leather skirts
- High neck/turtleneck jumpers and tops
- Tote bag
- Chelsea boots/brogues
- Knitted dress
- Cosy warm jumpers
- Dark denim skirts

What trends/styles/autumnal colours are you loving for A/W?

Lauren x



Welcome to New York

The title of this post may be a bit misleading but I'm not actually in New York - I wish I was though! Its because a top in this post has NEW YORK written on it so... Anyway, todays post is a wistlist of a few things from New Look!


Lauren x



New Haircut, Stripes & Denim

T-shirt Dress - Forever 21
Canvas Shoes - Primark 
Denim Jacket - Topshop

Long time, no blog but fear not as I'm back today with not just another post but a style one! My first intentions when I created hellomisslauren almost one year ago (one year on the 29th of June I believe?) was to upload mostly style posts with the occassional beauty ones but that was not meant to be as most, or basically all!, my posts have been beauty related. With summer just a stone throw away now, I am hoping to upload outfit posts (or style posts in general) a lot more often! 

I took a trip to my hairdressers yesterday for a hair appointment so these photos were taken when I got home, before I changed into my work uniform for a shift that afternoon, as I love my new hair and also really liked my outfit! I bought this t-shirt dress in the January sales at Forever 21, my canvas shoes are from a recent trip to Primark and my denim is new too and its from everyones fave - Topshop!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Lauren x


Mini ASOS Beauty Haul

A 30% off sale on all beauty products on the ASOS website? How could you resist a small (or big) splurge?! Of course I took advantage of the sale (and my bank balance!) and had to pick up a few pieces for myself! I've been doing a lot of overtime at work so I thought why not treat myself with a few new beauty products.

I really wanted to pick up the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation but as I have never tried it before, I didnt want to risk getting a colour which could end up being too light or dark for my skintone so will pick it up next time I take a trip to Space NK to make sure I get the right colour but I did pick up a few pieces from Maybelline, Bourjous and Benefit! 

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation

I have been wanting to try this foundation for so long but had trouble finding it anywhere so when I found it in the sale on ASOS I had to purchase it! I ended up ordering the perfect shade too - so lucky! I have been really liking it so far and will probably do a full review on it soon so keep an eye out in the coming weeks!

Benefit Primping With The Stars

I own two of the samples of Benefits Rollerlash that recently came free with Elle Magazine and I love it and I don't own anything else by Benefit until this! I have really wanted to try their They're Real Mascara for so long and when I saw this mini set on ASOS I had to buy it especially getting five of their other top products! I have tried the Porefessional so far and am really liking it! Can't wait to try the rest of the things in this set.

Barry M Basecoat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener All in One

I am a huge fan of Barry M and being someone who likes to use a basecoat and top coat and being someone who suffers from brittle nails - I am loving this all in one nail product! 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Hydrate

I read so many great reviews about the Maybelline Baby Lips range so really wanted to try one out. work as a cashier in retail so I am often very busy so I need an easy to apply lip product when my lips are feeling dry when I'm working! I have been using this so much already in the two days since it arrived and am loving it so much!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I didn't really need new mascara but what can u do when they are on offer in a sale?! I am really glad I did buy it as I really do like it! I'm not surprised though as I think Maybelline mascara a are great - my favourite is their falsies one which I first tried about two years ago thanks to Tanya Burr! I will do a full review in a few weeks time! 

Have you tried any of their products - I would love to hear your reviews on them! 



Very's Summer Pool Party + Meeting Tanya Burr!

As some of you may know, Very held a competition last week to win a pair of tickets to their #cantwaitforsummer pool party which also included a meet and greet with Youtuber and Blogger sensation, Tanya Burr. Being a massive fan of Tanya (and Very!), I had to enter, although I had no intention of winning so when I found out I had won one of the ten pairs of tickets, I was very (no pun intended) excited!

The party was held at the Haymarket Hotel, which is a short walk from Charing Cross Station and an easy journey for us as we only live a 20-minute train journey into Central London. I took along my sister with me so it was a really lovely girlie evening for us.

The night consisted of free cocktails and food and in attendance was - of course - a few celebs which included Lauren Pope and Amy Childs from TOWIE and Danny from McFly so we spent the night very starstruck. We also got to meet Niomi Smart, who was very lovely, and had some selfies taken with her. Meeting Tanya was probably my favourite part of the night. Instead of a normal meet and greet, all of the competition winners were taken into a room in the hotel where we all sat around with Tanya and she spoke to all of us, as well as answering any questions we had. She was really lovely. We also had a group photo taken as well as individual photos with Tanya.

After the meet and greet, we were allowed to go back into the party where we got another drink before heading home. Throughout the night we were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #cantwaitforsummer and we could get a free gift if we did! The gifts we could chose from included headphones and a Marc Jacobs perfume as well as an iPod and a Philips facial cleansing brush. My sister chose the iPod and I chose the Philips facial cleansing brush. We were really shocked that we could just chose a gift - we thought you would win one in another competition not just get them given for free so that was a lovely surprise to end an amazing evening!

What I wore: Dress and Jacket - Primark and Shoes - Forever 21


Lauren x


Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer

Long time no blog! Cannot believe I haven't wrote a post in over a month now - having no internet for almost two weeks and work are my two main reasons for no posts -  but I'm back today (with the intention to post a lot more often!) with a review of Maybelline's Baby Skin Primer.

I bought this a while back as I had read a lot about it but had no real intentions of actually liking it - but I really do - its been a staple in my makeup bag ever since! I didn't really think primers make much of a difference to the overall look of a makeup look but what a difference it makes! Its a lovely lightweight gel textured primer which Maybelline claims 'instantly erases the look of pores' - I wouldn't say it erases them 'instantly' but after your foundation is applied, it does make them less noticeable and really makes a difference to the look of your skin.

As it is gel textured, it is really easy to apply and sets to give a smooth finish. It definitely works great as a smooth canvas for your foundation and also another definite positive is that its a real steal at only £7.99 - and is also part of 3 for 2 on selected make-up items at Boots at the moment! If you are looking for a inexpensive great primer and makeup base - I would definitely recommend trying this!

Lauren x


New Look Spring Edit | Tops and Jumpers

March is here (how fast is this year going?!) which means the start of spring is only a few weeks away! And yep, a new season calls for a wishlist! It's time to ditch the winter clothing and bring out more lighter and cooler clothing - although with our unpredictable British weather we may still need the odd jumper or two in our wardrobes which is why in this spring edition of a wishlist, I have included two jumpers. All of the items in this wishlist are from New Look as it is one of my favourite high street shops for clothing (and accessories, bags, shoes..) Enjoy!



Saturday in London

Yesterday I took a train ride into London to meet up with my friend, Paige who I met last year whilst on my work experience placement at Heat Magazine. After not seeing each other for 7 months and only keeping in contact over Facebook and text, it was really lovely to catch-up over a Starbucks hot chocolate and a walk around Southbank. Even though I live a 20 minute train ride from Central London, I don't visit very often so it was really nice to explore the city for the day. With the weather being chilly but bright and sunny (unlike today - its dull and rainy!) I had to snap a few photos of the view over the Thames River and the London Eye as well as a selfie of us and my hot chocolate ha! It was such a lovely day and I cant wait until we meet up again over Easter!



Benefit Rollerlash Mascara

I was super excited to receive my Elle subcription this month. Why? Well, getting the chance to try Benefit's new Rollerlash mascara before it hits the shops - of course! Surprisingly, I have never tried anything by Benefit (yes, really?!) but have heard so many great things about their brand so was excited to try out this mascara - and my expectations have most definitely been met!

Mascara is definitely my favourite make-up product and I have a few favourites including Maybelline Falsies so getting to try a new one - especially by a brand I have never tried before - is very exciting. As I received it in the post last week - I have had enough time to give it a whirl and I can say that I absolutely love it.

I definitely haven't got the worlds longest and thickest lashes but I am very happy with how it makes my lashes look and feel that it does make them look longer. The mascara wand is slightly curved and styled like old-school hair rollers - hence the name 'Rollerlash' - which makes the application very easy. I definitely feel this mascara is going to be a huge success for Benefit and can't wait to pick up the full size when its released.

Have you tried Rollerlash? What are your thoughts?

Lauren x


Zoella Beauty 'Blissful Mistful' Body Mist

Everyone has probably heard of Zoella's beauty line - Zoella Beauty - by now - I mean, if you haven't then where have you been? So, when Zoe's beauty range was released in September last year, I had to buy something from the line and picked up the Soap Opera bath soak and shower cream (which I done a review on here) and also really wanted to pick up this - the body mist but everywhere I tried had sold out so I put it on my Christmas list and I got it as one of my presents from my parents.

Its a lovely fairly sweet scent and it comes in a small square glass bottle. The packaging is typical of the whole range - pastel pink, polka dots and the body mist has a rose gold lid which is typical Zoe Sugg style and of course not forgetting her signature logo on the front of the bottle. The size of the bottle is fairly petite and is the perfect size to fit in a handbag to top up throughout the day.

Have you tried anything from Zoe's beauty line?

Lauren x


My Pamper Evening Essentials

Everyone needs a pamper evening every now and again. I usually have one when I'm feeling a little stressed out or when I want a little 'me time'. I love to just relax and have an hour or two to just unwind and relax.


Skincare is very important part of my everyday routine but if I have a little extra time or feel like my skin needs a little TLC then instead of just the normal facial cleaner followed by moisturizer, I tend to add a face scrub and face mask to my routine. My favourite face scrub at the moment is the Yes To Tomatoes Combination Skin Scrub which is light scrub which a subtle sweet fragrance. I always take my make-up off at the end of the day (or sometimes when I get home if I know I am not going out again) and my favourite facial wipes are of course the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes. I have used them for years and feel that are the best ones as they are great for sensitive skin and are amazing at taking off even waterproof mascara!


A lovely bath is always a good way to relax and adding a bath bomb is great for a pamper evening. The ones from Lush are amazing (as everyone knows!) I got given this one as a gift for Christmas from my sister and its the Christmas Pudding one which was obviously part of their festive collection. I cannot wait to use it! My favourite body wash is the shower butter from Soap and Glory. Its very much the same consistency as a body lotion but is used a wash. Like every other product by Soap and Glory - this is amazing! After I use the Smoothie Star Bodycream - also by Soap and Glory and equally as amazing.

Music, Magazines and Books (and YouTubers)

After (and during) my evening I usually sit down with either a good book/magazine or sit down and catch up on some of my favourite YouTubers! My current favourite book is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella). This book is a great read, I am about half way through and I am really enjoying it - I wont give away any spoilers so far in case anyone is reading it. My favourite magazines include Vogue, InStyle, Look and Heat. For YouTubers, my favourites are Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart. Lily Melrose, SacconeJolys, Anna Saccone and Suzie from Hello October!

Other Essentials

Candle - My current favourite is Yankee Candle's Clean Cotton which is a lovely fresh scent.
Cosy Pyjamas
Lip Scrub/Vaseline - Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub
Nail Varnish

What are your pamper evening essentials?

Lauren x


New Year, New Hair

Apologies for the rubbish quality photos - and the fact that I look like a ghost! - but I really wanted to write a post about my new shorter hair! I got it cut this afternoon and after having my hair long for ages, I really fancied a change and what better time than the start of the new year! I knew I wanted it shorter but a cut that I can still style easily - from curling/waving to a simple pony.

My main inspiration for my new shorter 'do' came from Taylor Swift! I absolutely love Taylor - her music, her style and of course her shorter hairstyle - that she has had sported since February last year so I'm a little late on that bandwagon ha! Anyway  you will probably see clearer pics in future posts but here's a sneak peek.

Oh, and how do you like my new layout! Its the VIVA VIVA template by pipdig! Its a lovely simple layout and I love it!
Lauren x


'Head Over Heels' Topshop Cream Blush

So last week, my sister and I decided to head over to do some sales shopping in Westfield Stratford City and obviously a shopping day is not complete without a little trip into Topshop! I really love their lipsticks (not a huge fan of their nail polishes though) but I've really wanted to get my hands on one of their blushes as I have heard - or read! - so many great things about them so when I saw this - Head Over Heels Blush - in a mini set with Topshop's Wicked Lipstick - I had to buy it! Not to mention the set was six pounds for both the blush and lipstick! Bargain!

First things first, I am totally won over with any makeup that comes in cute packaging and how cute is the packaging of this blush? Plus the fact that it also comes with a mirror is brilliant. The pan of the blush is also great as its big enough so you can use any brush that you prefer.

'Head Over Heels' is a beautiful pink/coral which would make the perfect summer blush although as its new I couldn't resist using it now even though its only January! It is a cream blush which is one that I have never tried before but I really like it. It very pigmented so you do need to be careful when applying. I apply it lightly to the the apples of my cheeks using the Real Techniques Blush Brush and it gives a natural peachy glow.

So overall I really love the shade and am looking forward to collecting some of the other Topshop shades and wearing it more throughout the next few months and of course, into the summer!

Lauren x



Skirt/New Look
Necklace/New Look

I cannot believe that we are now in 2015! 2014 went by in a flash and now I cannot wait for what this new year has in store. 2014 was such a whirlwind year but I also had some really great moments including meeting The Vamps twice! Me and my sister are huge fans of them so it was amazing to meet them once, let alone twice!

NYE is always the same every year but I love it - we hold a family meet up at our house and just sit and catch up, listen to great music and obviously eat delicious food! My family usually arrive around 8:30 and then end up staying till 2am which was no different last night, Like every year I always buy something new to wear and I usually end up wearing the same outfit on Christmas Day night and NYE and this years outfit was this; a black turtleneck jumper from Primark, a gingham check skirt from New Look, plain black tights from Primark and a statement necklace from New Look. As I am usually at home for New Year, I don't tend to "dress up" - I like to keep it simple but nice!

I don't tend to do many outfit photos as I never feel they turn out great so I took these photos on my new iPad mini and was the photo created by using the picstitch app.

Hope everyone had an amazing NYE and are looking forward to 2015!

Lauren x
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