Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Who doesn't love Lush products? I know I do! I went shopping to Westfield with my sister last week and went into Lush as I knew I wanted a lip scrub as I've heard great reviews about them and since we had a pretty warm summer, my lips had started to get dry despite regularly applying lip balm or vaseline! I tried out all three of the lip scrub scents by smelling them (as you do in Lush!) and I decided to buy the popcorn scent - there is a bubblegum one and a mint one too. 

The popcorn one is a sweet scent and smells very much like caramel butter. I have been using it once a day for the past week and definitely feel my lips are feeling more normal and not so chapped and dry. It is very effective at exfoliating my lips yet it is very gentle and all natural. The sugar used in the lip scrub is edible.

One negative point, I have is the price. I think I paid £5.99 for this one and feel that it was a bit much to pay for a lip scrub so I may try and make my own next time but I do love the Lush one though! Although it is quite a big pot so I think it will last a while.

Have you got a favorite Lush product?

Lauren x 


  1. This is great stuff, I bought the popcorn and then the bubblegum and I prefer the bubblegum but I agree with you about the price, very steep but they do last for ages and don't pat attention to the use by date ;o)

    Emma xx || emsylou.blogspot.co.uk || YouTube Channel

  2. They are very pricey I think that's what put me off trying initially but I am still so intrigued to try xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. I haven't tried this out yet but would love to, I've only heard good about it!


  4. I have the bubblegum one and absolutely love it but after reading this I'm so intrigued as to what the popcorn one is like!



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