Saturday in London

Yesterday I took a train ride into London to meet up with my friend, Paige who I met last year whilst on my work experience placement at Heat Magazine. After not seeing each other for 7 months and only keeping in contact over Facebook and text, it was really lovely to catch-up over a Starbucks hot chocolate and a walk around Southbank. Even though I live a 20 minute train ride from Central London, I don't visit very often so it was really nice to explore the city for the day. With the weather being chilly but bright and sunny (unlike today - its dull and rainy!) I had to snap a few photos of the view over the Thames River and the London Eye as well as a selfie of us and my hot chocolate ha! It was such a lovely day and I cant wait until we meet up again over Easter!



  1. Ah that sounds so lovely you can't beat a nice catch up and coffee with a friend, and even better when london looks that pretty! I tend to avoid due to half term and tourists but will have to make another trip asap xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Aww this was a sweet little post, and you're lucky you got a placement haha x


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  4. Looks like you had so much fun! I've never been to London but I plan to visit. Also your placement sounds like it would of been great.

    Lust For Beauty


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