Work Experience at Heat Magazine | Day One

OOTD: Bit of a blurry photo but here is my outfit from my first day at Heat!
Top: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Kimono: New Look
Shoes (not pictured): Black lace pumps from Primark
Camera: Canon Powershot SX170 IS

Today marked the first day of my work experience at Heat magazine and as you can imagine I was a little nervous but, at the same time, sooo excited to be working at one of my favourite magazines. The Heat office is situated in the heart of London, with Covent Garden and Oxford Street on its doorstep!

I applied for this placement on the website 'gothinkbig' which is a site that helps young people gain the experience and skills they need to achieve a dream career.

My nervousness soon disappeared when I was greeted by the lovely fashion team and my supervisor was Hannah Brimson, who is Heat's junior style writer. I sat at the same desk as her and her friendly attitude made me feel welcomed into the team. I was first shown round the office and introduced to other members of the team, along with another girl who was also there for work experience. 

My first task involved returning clothes, shoes and accessories to PR companies after some recent photoshoots and I had to use a website called Fashion Monitor to look up the contacts to make sure I sent them back to the right places.

After my lunch hour, I came back and finished off the returns and then was given my next task which was to sort through the beauty section in the fashion cupboard. Although this may seem like a pretty boring task to some, for someone like me who has never done any work in a fashion and beauty enviroment, it was actually interesting. By the time I knew it, it was the end of the day! 

I really enjoyed my first day and am looking forward to the rest of my work experience at Heat!

Lauren x



  1. Hi, I've applied several times for work experience at Heat through the GoThinkBig website and have never heard back. Do you know what part of your application process made you stand out to get hired? Xxx

    1. Hi, Dont worry I applied before too and never heard back but just kept applying and then finally got a placement, so keep trying! and I'm not sure, but where you have to write a paragraph 'to stand out' I just wrote that I had tried to get placements at others magazines before and due to my lack of experience I hadn't been successful but am hoping that this time I will be as I really want to work for a magazine and want to 'get my foot in the door' and get the experience I need to achieve my dream career. I also just mentioned how enthusiastic and willing to learn I was :) I think you just have to be really cheesy and tell them how much it would mean to you lol, Hope this helps :) Good Luck! x


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