Loreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water

You may notice (or not) that my last post is missing - My September Favourites - as I accidently deleted it as my computer is playing up, waah :( But I'm back with another post today and I'm talking about a product I have been loving over the past month and was featured in my favourites post. Enough with the ramble, onto the actual post..

Today my post is focusing on a fairly hyped product and a product I gave in and bought after reading about it on many blogs, yes its the Loreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water. It is used to remove make-up and smooth and purify skin. It is mainly used in the evenings, hence to remove make-up but can also be used in the mornings to remove any make-up left over from the day before, before completing your usual skin routine. I tend to apply a small to medium amount to a cotton wool pad and then apply to pad onto my face. Although it says to 'no need to rinse or rub', It does take a bit of rubbing to get rid of make-up but as it dissolves even waterproof mascara brilliantly, so it does get a thumbs up from me!

It doesn't irritate my skin as it contains no alcohol or perfume so its perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin. I used to use Simple Facial Wipes (what I have used since I started wearing make-up at sixteen) but this is what I use all the time now to remove my make-up. Great addition to my skincare routine!

Lauren x

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  1. I haven't actually tried the loreal one as I jumped at the garnier one, so will definitely be giving this a whirl on my next boots trip- thanks hun xxx

    Blonde of Carbs


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