Good Things 5-Minute Facial Mask

Blogging hasn't been going very well for the month of December for me has it?! I have been very busy in the last few weeks so I apologise for the lack of posts! I have really wanted to do some outfit posts but with the lack of time combined with daylight being fairly non-existent past about 3pm, it has been difficult but I am aiming to do some very soon!

Today's post is about a skincare product I have been loving over the past few weeks and its a face mask which I featured 2 weeks ago - in my November faves post! Its one that I picked up on a spontaneous shopping trip at the beginning of November in TK Maxx (which I think is the British version of TJ Maxx but correct me if I'm wrong!). Its a mask which I use once to twice a week or just when my skin needs a pick-me-up which has been very regular lately as its been breaking out really bad but I have just been taking extra care of it and making sure to take my make-up off before bed (or just when I get home from being out or just skipping make-up altogether - which is not something I mind if I'm having a good skin day but not a very nice feeling when you have acne and breakouts), just trying to drink more water (which is not a chore for me as I actually prefer water to juices or squashes) and trying to eat better - which is difficult enough especially around Christmas time ha! Hopefully at least trying to do these things will help my skin though!. Enough rambling and back to the face mask...

Its scent is avocado and goji berry and let me tell you - its smells lovely! The consistency is pretty light and its a five minute mask so once applied all over the skin it sets in a few minutes and then you can wipe it off using a wet flannel or towel and its leaves the skin feeling soft and not tight or greasy. It also doesn't irritate the skin so I would say it was pretty good for anyone with sensitive skin (although don't hold me to this!) I have tried a few other masks before but I can say that this one is my favourite as its smells nice, its quick and easy to apply and is not irritable on the skin!

Whats your favourite face mask or skincare products through the colder months?

Lauren x

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