New Year, New Hair

Apologies for the rubbish quality photos - and the fact that I look like a ghost! - but I really wanted to write a post about my new shorter hair! I got it cut this afternoon and after having my hair long for ages, I really fancied a change and what better time than the start of the new year! I knew I wanted it shorter but a cut that I can still style easily - from curling/waving to a simple pony.

My main inspiration for my new shorter 'do' came from Taylor Swift! I absolutely love Taylor - her music, her style and of course her shorter hairstyle - that she has had sported since February last year so I'm a little late on that bandwagon ha! Anyway  you will probably see clearer pics in future posts but here's a sneak peek.

Oh, and how do you like my new layout! Its the VIVA VIVA template by pipdig! Its a lovely simple layout and I love it!
Lauren x


  1. Your new hair looks fabulous hun, best thing for a new year start xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. your hair looks lovely :)



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